Advertising CNC Router NC-r1530

Advertising CNC Router NC-r1530
Product Details

Special Features
1. Profiled steel welded lathe bed with strong gantry. 
2. Vacuum table with double-cavity vacuum, solenoid valve control with six sections, which ensure strong absorption and help save power. 
3. Strong power dust collector system ensures workpieces are clean during working. 
4. Imported HSD air cooling spindle is adopted for high precision and long service time. 
5. Double motor with Y axis. 
6. High precision rack gear transmission guarantees high speed of this woodworking router. 

1.Key Specifications



Working Area


Travel of engraving (xyz)

1500x3000x200mm  Gantry height: 200mm

Maximum running speed


Engraving Speed

100-20000mm/min depends on material and tool.

Engraving Spindle

3.7KW inverter,water cooled,Optional more power

Tool Size

Ø3.175,Ø 6.00,Ø10,Ø12.7mmSpeed of spindle

Speed of spindle



USB,PC direct output


Industrial steel box-type

X,Y, Z repositioning accuracy

< 0.03 / 300mm

Lead Rail

X,Y,Z PMI linear rail

Drive mode

X,Y Rack Gear,Z axis imported lead screw

Drive motors

Stepper (optional Servo)

Format of Instructions

G code or HPGL

Power source

AC220V/110v±10% 50HZ/60HZ*(vacuum bed needs 3ph)

Power consumption


Operating environment

Temperature: +5-+35,relative humidty30%-70

Package size


Net weight


2.Machine details


1. Equipped with professional rack gearing, Taiwan PMI linear rail which are more precise, durable and less noisy.
2. Industrial steel pipe welding, box-type structure to ensure the high bearing capacity.
3. Processed by special instruments to eliminate welding stress and high-precision planing machine to ensure the working precision ,no deformation.
5. Y aixs is driven by Double motors simultaneously which are faster and steadier.
6.USB interface (plug and play) to communicate with computer under the system of win98/NT/2000/XP, Output from PC direclty with origin Ncstudio System.
7.Super Software Compatibility,Supports popular language formats, is compatible with CAD / CAM software like type3/artcam/castmate/proe/UG/Artcut etc.
8. Intelligent and Humanized Design,it is able to restore to work from the point when the electricity is sudden cut off or the tool is broken.
9. Intelligent control of spindle makes it able to auto-start and auto-stop, which is more safely, convenient.
* Applicable Fields:
Widely used in big area wood engraving,wood furniture engraving,solid wood engraving,high denisty board of door and window engraving etc.
Widely used in antique furniture,furniture-processing,instrument making,3D light box making,aluminium process,funding mould decorative doors and windows etc.

4.Packing and shipping