Furniture CNC Router NC-r2040

Furniture CNC Router NC-r2040
Product Details

·Welded structure by thick profiled steel ,great stability under high temperature,ensure good distortion resistance, high rigidity and powerful strength.
·The use of Japanese YASKAWA servo motor makes the woodworking center stably run with low noise, high speed, rigidity and powerful strength.
·Italy HSD spindle helps this machine achieve high precision,long service time and stable movement.
·Configured with imported tool magazine of 8 tools, the woodworking center can change tools quikly and freely.

1.Parameters :



Lathe bed

square tube


Cast steel wholly

Guide rail

Square rail with X, Y, Z axis

X, Y, Z transmission

Gear rack with x, y axis; Imported ball screw with Z axis

Spindle motor

Imported Italy HSD spindle for tool changer;

Control system

Syntec system or DSP


Type3, Ucancam


750W Panasonic servo motor


Panasonic servo drivers

Lathe table

vacuum table with Bakelite sheet

Vacuum pump

5.5KW TONYOU Oil cooling

Dust collector


Electric cabinet

Independent cabinet

Tool sensor

Nice-Cut tool sensor

Working area


2.Important parts:


4.Key Specifications/Special Features: •
Widely used for production of cabinet door, solid wooden door, computer desk, assembling furniture, and large area and mass engraving on MDF and HDF, wood board, plane cutting, 3D embossment, and more •
Working area (X, Y, and Z): 2,000 x 4,000 x 230mm •
Maximum engraving speed: 25,000mm/min •
Reposition and hold mode:<0.5/300mm •
Spindle: 8.0kW HSD electro-spindle •
X/Y/Z guide rail: square linear rail •
Transmission: X/Y rack gear •
Dust collector: 3.0kW •
Vacuum: 5.5kW •
Hold method: vacuum