Jinan High Speed Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Jinan High Speed Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Product Details

Product Description

Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser that is newly developed in the world. It outputs a high-energy-density laser beam and accumulates on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area of the workpiece that is illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot is instantly melted and vaporized, and the spot is moved by the numerical control mechanical system. Automatic cutting with the irradiation position, high speed and high precision.



Working area


Laser Power

500W(300W/750w/1000W/1200W/2000W optional)

Laser Wavelength


Application Materials


Max. Cutting Thickness

SS:3mm,Carbon steel:4-5mm

Gross Power


Positioning Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


Max cutting speed

15m/min(different material, different speed)

Max speed of Movement


Cooling Model

Water cooling

Working voltage

220V,Single phase,50/60HZ

Product features:

1.Whole machine welded bed structure,stable performance,could ensure the stable operation of equipment.

2.After 650℃ high temperature heat treatment machine bed, adopt large gantry milling accuracy process, ensure machine bed stability and smoothness.

3.Operating system, man-machine interface, easy to operate.

4.High quality, high efficiency fiber laser producer. low processing cost and energy conservation and environment protection

5.Servo drive,the structure of the machine tool adopts rack and pinion drive,ensure equipment high speed , high accuracy, and high reliability.

Processing advantage
(1) High precision, fast speed, narrow slit, minimum heat affected zone, smooth cut surface and no burr.
(2) The laser cutting head does not come into contact with the surface of the material and does not scratch the workpiece.
(3) The slit is the narrowest, the heat affected zone is the smallest, the local deformation of the workpiece is very small, and there is no mechanical deformation.
(4) It has good processing flexibility, can process any pattern, and can cut pipes and other profiles.
(5) Non-deformable cutting can be performed on materials of any hardness such as steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, and hard alloys.

Machine details