NICE-CUT Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

NICE-CUT Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Product Details

1.Product Description



Working area


Laser Power

500W(300W/750w/1000W/1200W/2000W optional)

Laser Wavelength


Application Materials


Max. Cutting Thickness

SS:3mm,Carbon steel:4-5mm

Gross Power


Positioning Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


Max cutting speed

15m/min(different material, different speed)

Max speed of Movement


Cooling Model

Water cooling

Working voltage

220V,Single phase,50/60HZ

2.Machine details


3.Machine features and applications
The plate fiber laser cutting machine is a cost-effective device consisting of fiber laser system, chiller, laser cutting head, cutting bed, control system, air blowing system and exhaust system. It is integrated as laser, motion and power product.
1. Adopt high-efficiency fiber laser system, high photoelectric conversion efficiency and stable performance. Key components have a service life of up to 100,000 hours.
2. The fiber laser system has better laser beam quality, lower maintenance cost and less troubleshooting, and it is easy to operate as a laser that is sent by fiber optic cable and without the need to adjust the laser path.
3. Compared to other media of laser equipment, it has a smaller focus spot, higher cutting efficiency and good quality processing.
4. The fuselage adopts gantry structure, dual drive system high-precision rack and pinion, high-speed cutting, more stable for long-term use.
5. Using professional CNC system FSCUT2000, support various file formats are input and easy to operate.
6. Use a special fiber cutting head to ensure perfect cutting results.
It can be widely used in aviation, metallurgy, shipbuilding, and sheet metal infrastructure industries.
Metal equipment, as well as other manufacturing industries such as machinery, electrical equipment, elevators, appliances, medical equipment, hardware, decoration, advertising, metal cutting services, etc.
It can be used to cut a variety of different metal plates with high speed, like carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, etc.