Jade engraving General information

Jade carving machine, also known as computer carving machine, is a stone engraving machine industry, in recent years a new NC equipment, who are similar in principle and CNC milling machine. Is the use of sculpture carved into sculptures need programming software machine control software is able to identify the standard g-code, in a continuous manner make control mechanical three-axis automatic movement, so as to achieve the effect of engraved. Jade engraving machine in the jade carving words or patterns on yin carving, Yang Diao, line carving, relief, can be completed, also applies to other carving materials. Jade, jade, jewellery and mold. With the development of science and technology and the progress of human knowledge, the machines instead of manual is an inevitable trend of social development. Old Mason's retirement, young people's pursuit of science and technology, the jade carving machine came into being. More and more people focus on efficiency, focus on appearance, more healthy, pollution-free, pollution-free CNC engraving machine of jade stone carving industry will become the main means of production.