Principle of fiber laser characteristics

Fiber laser with fiber in the form of media, its characteristics by fiber-optic properties of Watanabe. Into the pumping of fiber generally have more than one mode, the signal opt-electronic can have more than one mode, different pump models have different effects on different signal patterns, making more complex analysis of fiber lasers and amplifiers, in many cases, difficult to obtain analytical solutions, had to resort to numerical calculations. In an optical fiber doped fiber lasers also have a big effect on the distribution, in order to make the medium gain, ion (impurities) doped into the fiber. Under normal circumstances, ion distribution in the core. But different modes of pump in the fibre distribution is uniform. Thus, in order to improve pumping efficiency, should try to make distribution of ions distribution and pump energy coincide. Analysis on fiber laser, are based on the previously discussed general principles of lasers, also taking into account its own characteristics, introducing different models and special analytical methods, to achieve the best effect.
As with conventional solids, gas lasers, is by pumping of fiber lasers, the gain medium, resonator composed of three basic elements. Pumping source with high power semiconductor lasers, gain medium rare-earth doped fibers or common nonlinear optical fiber, can consist of a Fiber Bragg grating resonant cavity optical feedback elements such as linear cavity Coupler can also be used to create various ring resonators. Pump coupled into the optical system, as appropriate, gain, gain in absorption pump formed after inversion or nonlinear gain and spontaneous emission. Subjected to stress the spontaneous emission of light amplification and resonant cavity mode selection function, eventually forming stable laser output.