Jinan High Speed Fiber Laser Making Machine

Jinan High Speed Fiber Laser Making Machine
Product Details


Marking Range

150*90mm on plain or the curved surface that radian is less than 3mm

Marking Speed

≤50mm/s(3 or 4 characters, adjustable)

Marking Depth

0.1~1mm adjustable

Repeat Precision


Pneumatic pressure




Hardness of work-piece




Marking contents

Arabic numerals, Common symbols, Chinese character, English letters, graphic, Roman alphabets

Automatic date printing and automatic production Numbers


1. Imported semiconductor module, high-speed optical scanner, fast scanning speed and high precision. It uses a semiconductor diode with a wavelength of 808 nm. Using a YAG crystal, the YAG rod produces a large number of inverted particles. Under the action of the Q switch, a large pulse beam output with a wavelength of 1064 nm will be produced.
2. The product has low energy consumption, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, stable laser output model, high reliability, small volume and good marking effect. The mark is designed according to ergonomic principles, with beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
3. The laser beam undergoes expansion and focusing before being deflected by the control scanner to achieve marking. The optical path system adopts a sealed structure with optical path preview and focus indication function to provide reliable guarantee for 24-hour continuous operation.
4. The software supports windows7 / xp / 2000 operating system and multi-language,
Support for barcode fonts. In addition, it is compatible with common graphics formats and supports image processing.
5. Red light positioning system to ensure accurate positioning and avoid waste.