Laser Engraving Machine Considerations

1、when auto focal length is used, pay attention to the automatic focus rods must be fastened or table top to the laser.
2、laser engraving machines at work, prohibition of the boot lid.
3、when opened, smoke, blowing smoke devices.
4、processing of wood, paper, must pay attention to the processing speed in order to avoid fire.
5、users of the early red positioning irregular working hours.
6、processing of thin wood, volatile material, to adjust the amplitude of water more than small 1mm.
7、when cutting, artifacts from the table you want to use more than 2 cm.
8、reflective lenses and focal length of the lens cleaner: two-finger pinch reflex lens. Another hand holding lens cleaning paper clean the lens of the camera.
9、often carving file, high resolution should be adopted, engraving points when Chen, a bit lower resolution you select.