Portable CNC Cutting Machine Description

1、high reliability, protective plasma interference and lightning, surge capacity;
2、32M super user program storage capacity, processing up to 10,000;
3、can be freely done in the English translation, perform, display, save the Chinese file name;
4、rich software functionality, practical flame/plasma cutting process, in particular the procedures of a small segment can be widely applied to materials and advertising under the machine, iron;
5、expandable 4-axis function;
6、dynamic graphics with 7-inch color LCD screen, right;
7、the use of a USB memory stick reader and software upgrades in a timely manner;
8、with 24 Gallery;
9、cutting gas: oxygen + acetylene or propane;
10、speed range: plasma cutting 0~5000mm/min (mm/min);
11、equipped with automatic lifting device: plasma cutting arc voltage distribution automatic height-adjustment, flame cutting distribution capacity is automatically increased.