Resin Plate Mechanism For Steps

Copy lights genuine quality and efficient special UVA ultraviolet tube should be used. Wavelength of light penetration and uniformity directly affects the plate effect, use brands such as PHILIPS. Replaced lamp aging should be all together. Exposure time varies by machine, plate. Too much time left the network loses its sharp edges or paste version; too little content is easily lost in the wash and printed or not printed. Before using the plate should be producers and resin from the supplier-related reference data or technical guidance.
Should be positioned on the plate with the vacuum pressure gauge, which normally takes more than >-0.08mpa, to reach -0.1MPa is better. Vacuum is inadequate and uneven, dirty gas, will directly result in the production of plate waste and cannot be remedied. Sometimes, the exhaust system, it does not mean that you can sit back and relax. Closing after pumping platform should continue to monitor the vacuum pressure value on the display table. Vacuum the dry cleaning and the transparency of the film is also very important, usually using a depilatory, dyeing cloth (non-woven) with denatured alcohol (alcohol without medical, corrodes the vacuum membrane) add wipe environment and try to avoid too much dust. Vacuum membrane 3-6 months to replace.
General water temperature 30-40 ℃, 50-90 seconds.
Requirements: a. brush suitable for hard and soft, smooth high. Resin plate machine selection brush wire diameter of 0.05-0.07mm, but also has a certain toughness, too hard will easily wash the bad version. B. brush and paste between platforms to smooth, uniform, or washed out shades or local wash are not clean, or even bad. C. water heating. This feature in the warmer, hot season or region can not. The weather better than cold water temperature 30-34 degrees centigrade. Water temperature too low unable to wash, is too high, the washable bad graphics, maintaining uniform temperature, not too much difference. D. wash version since version function. Not standard plate location double side tape cleaning, automatic suction release devices for permanent use. When cleaning simply labeled, easy paste easy to tear. Because every piece was attached to the double sided tape, waste of materials, time, increased workload, efficiency is not said also posted easy tear was difficult. Usually a version under normal conditions, the entire process takes about 15 minutes, torn clean suites, double-sided glue remnants often spend 1 time or more time, or even accidentally crushed or touching loss of graphic layout. Suction plate (also known as self adhesive glue) is currently dominated by imports, the cost is very low but the benefits are very high, use such as: Germany DEP sucks.
General 50-60, bake for 15 minutes. Version should be open before washing, washing drying version need to be normal as soon as possible after, layout of water get volatile air dry as soon as possible. Oven temperature is uniform, high and long time frame or plate deformation. Drying Cabinet the best lattice meshed so that back is not easy to remove water, even easier to dry and hot air circulation.
After the exposure time and print time. It is used to reinforce graphic, graphics and better connection between base and thereby more resistance, spending too much time on plates will be prone to cracking, no plates.