Jinan High Speed Steel Plasma Cutting Machine

Jinan High Speed Steel Plasma Cutting Machine
Product Details


X, Y guide rail

square rail

Machine structure


Working area (X x Y)

2000 x 3000mm

X, Y transmission

Japan Sony servo motor

Control system


Working dictate

G code

Cutting thickness

3-16mm (120A ), 3-25mm (200A)

Plasma generator

American cut-mast

Cutting speed


Document transmission form

USB interface

Working form

untouched arc striking

Working voltage

untouched arc striking



Packing size



configured with Taiwan servo speed reducing device

Main Features:

1. Open design provides easy loading and unloading
2. Single working table saves space
3. Drawer style tray makes easy collecting and cleaning for the scraps and small parts
4. Gantry double driving structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, good speed and acceleration
5. The world’s fiber laser source and famous electronic components to ensure machine superior stability


Anti-interference ability of the equipment: Because the plasma power supply has strong electromagnetic radiation, if the anti-interference ability of the equipment is not strong, there will be a crash and cutting error, as well as a misalignment or a motor jam. Such a serious situation will result in poor cutting results, wasted materials, and affect the life of the equipment. We use an industrial professional plasma cutting control system with the strongest anti-interference ability and stable machine operation. It can resist any electromagnetic interference.

Unique cutting function: power cut-off, retraction and continuous cutting, automatic material saving typesetting and automatic positioning cutting. If you do not have these functions, power outages or cutting omissions and errors will result in the entire operating procedure starting from the beginning, wasting time and wasting material, and adding more work.

The function of automatic retraction, because if this function is provided, if the cutting is not transparent and the leakage is cut during the cutting process, the re-cutting can be started from this point without having to cut again from the beginning, which can save man-hours.

1. Plasma power

Famous brand made in china, low price, Cutting thickness

3-16mm (120A ), 3-25mm (200A)

2. Controller system

configured 7-inch high-resolution true color LCD display. can be dynamically cut graphics running track.

3. Motor

With high quality & stronger power, ensure machine work very well.

4. Driver

It can run with smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement and have better performances at higher speed.Save human strength and save time.

5. Automatic Arc Pressure adjustable

Adjust the torch height during cutting. Perforated height self-positioning