NICE-CUT Steel Plasma Cutting Machine

NICE-CUT Steel Plasma Cutting Machine
Product Details

Product Description


NCP1530   plasma cutter cut 100

Working Area(X*Y)


Working material

Iron, steel, aluminum, sheets, galvanized sheets, titanium plates etc

Cutting thickness


Cutting speed


Input voltage

3 phase 380V



Optional power


Files transfer

USB interface


Untouched arc striking


1. The product has a small cutting gap and no residue.
2. Machine cutting speed, high precision and low cost
3. Using advanced CNC control system, Auto Arc, the arc success rate exceeds 99%
4. Support G code files of Ucancam, ARTCAM, Typ3 software. The autocad dxf file is also supported by the transfer software. The control system supports U disk file transfer and is easy to operate.
5. Use well-known plasma power supply and domestic torch.

Applicable materials:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheets, titanium plates and other non-ferrous metal, etc.

1. Adopt advanced integrated design, compact structure and good steel. The horizontal design adopts light structure, the longitudinal synchronous drive system is adopted, the position detection function is adopted, the shifting range is wide, the acceleration time is short, the operation is stable, and the machining precision is effectively ensured.
2. The vertical and horizontal guide rails are made of domestic or imported (optional) high-grade linear guide rails with high precision and good guidance. High-precision helical tooth grinding rack with surface carburizing and quenching. The horizontal and vertical transmissions adopt high-precision, high-torque, low-backlash, maintenance-free planetary gear reduction mechanism.
3. A wide range of applications, suitable for a variety of sheet metal, complex graphics proofing and batch processing, eliminating the need for complex punching molds, saving time and reducing costs.
4. Optional dust removal workbench or dust treatment device to create a good working environment.